I'm Sarah, a creative copywriter

After completing a double degree at Monash in Marketing, Linguistics and Psychology, I decided to take on the intersection of all three areas and become a copywriter.

(Until I knew that the term existed I used to tell people I wanted to write things that made people feel - and then buy - stuff. Wow.)

I've worked client-side at Catch on all sorts of brands. I've worked in agencies, and now I do a bit of freelancing.

I was also part of the coronavirus cohort of AWARD School. And even won a mentorship program out of it. 

My experience spans big brands and small ones, those in retail, manufacturing, property, professional services and education - to name a few. Basically, if there's an industry out there, I've produced work for it. 

As a side hustle, I umpire senior Aussie rules on the weekend. But cause bright green isn't really my colour, I also like to make (often satirical) things for the people in my life.  

If you wanna chat more, drop me a line.